About Vocdix

Vocdix is a way to learn languages based on contributions by users from all over the world. The features of our online dictionary help you improve your knowledge of Spanish, German and English, and allow you to contribute to its growth collectively:

  • Do you need to know the meaning of a word or expression? Find its translations, sorted by grammatical category.
  • Do you know a translation that doesn’t exist in the dictionary? Add it yourself! You can supply your own translations to existing terms, and also support contributions made by other users through voting.

Vocdix is a product made by Yalea Languages. The goal of Yalea Languages is to allow people to learn languages in a fast and fun way through different experiences: by taking a language immersion course with Yalea Languages, by learning vocabulary with flashcard lists in VocBox, or by reading our online magazines for learning English (TeaTime-Mag) and Spanish (VeinteMundos). We want to walk with you in the process of learning new languages, and help you understand better their surrounding culture. Languages are our passion!

Legal issues

Regarding content in Vocdix:

  • Vocdix does not take responsibility for the veracity of translations, meanings, definitions, expressions, etc., that are offered in this website.

Regarding third-party content:

  • Vocdix does not take responsibility for content in websites belonging to third-parties with which it may be related.
  • We ask our users to notify links and/or contributions that might be against the law and/or be considered a crime.


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